Securing IoMT Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult.

Culinda Delivers Healthcare Cybersecurity, End to End Secure Biomedical Device Management with Complete Visibility for all Medical Devices.

Healthcare Security by Healthcare Professionals

Dont Get Caught Unprotected!

Medical device vulnerabilities left unaddressed significantly increases the risk of patient harm. Connected medical devices are often several years old before they are introduced into healthcare operations. As a result, the software and firmware they possess are outdated and unpatched.

Knowing where your medical devices are and what they are doing is half the battle


Deep Insight

Knowing who and what is communicating with any connected device




A complete and holistic view into all connected medical devices




Leveraging AI and Human Intelligence to protect against cyberattacks and other risks



Certified Recycling & Repurposing

Proper and Certified recycling and repurposing of all medical equipment



Certified Data Destruction

We practice the highest industry standards when it comes to Data Destruction



Sustainability & Audit Reports

Itemized reporting and quarterly sustainability reporting 


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Culinda is Trusted By Hospitals Like These

Hospitals all across America are trusting their medical devices  with Culinda. 

We would be thrilled to demonstrate how our end-to-end plug-n-play solution empowers you with the knowledge of where your biomedical assets are located, at any given moment, in addition to how they are communicating, giving you peace of mind. With Culinda as your sentry, you can rest assured.

Lehigh Regional Medical Center

Lehigh Acres, FL

Paradise Valley Hospital

National City, CA

Desert Valley Hospital

Victorville, CA

Dallas Medical Center

Dallas, TX

Sherman Oaks Hospital

Sherman Oaks, CA

Pampa Regional Medical Center

Pampa, TX

Harlingen Medical Center

Harlingen, TX.

Lake Huron Medical Center

Port Huron, MI

Huntington Beach Hospital

Huntington Beach, CA

St. Clare’s Behavioral Health

Boonton Township, NJ

Garden City Hospital

Garden City, MI

Take Advantage of our 70 Years

Combined Experience in Healthcare

As veteran healthcare security IT professionals, we know what it is like to be vulnerable to attacks. Culinda’s cofounders bring decades of healthcare IT experience in cyber security using their expertise with hospital IoMT and intricate knowledge of healthcare systemwide IT operations and maintenance. Culinda is healthcare security built by healthcare professionals. 

Know what is going on with your IoMT!!

Culinda’s AI machine learning solution for medical devices provides deep insight into your IoMT!

Culinda, a healthcare cybersecurity solution built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. Our vast experience and understanding of the Healthcare industry and cybersecurity is what differentiates Culinda from the rest!


AI-based CyberSecurity

Machine learning capability that continuously analyzes data to communicate deployed medical IoT risk


Complete Lifespan Solution

Cradle to grave identifying and categorizing medical devices and establishing remediation action required.


Deep Analytical Analysis

Based on end to end data derived from active, constant monitoring.

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