What is Culinda?

Culinda secures medical IoT devices in hospitals with An Artificial Intelligence platform and security gateway which is fueled by experts in hospital operations, medical device manufacturing and cyber security. Everything about your devices, how they are used, in which areas and how they are connected to your network is Culinda’s wheelhouse. This enables Culinda to seamlessly monitor your medical device universe to protect and intervene when needed.

Why Culinda?

In recent years, healthcare organizations have become soft targets for ransomware and other cyber attacks. Connected medical devices are being considered the weakest link in hospital networks and traditional IT security solutions are not ready to protect these devices with their focus on standard IT systems. Most of today’s hospital networks are not ready to defend the cyber attacks on medical devices. A solution focusing on medical device security is the need of the hour for hospitals. Culinda provides that solution both cost-effectively and in a plug and play format. With Culinda, hospitals don’t have to invest in expensive upgrades for their medical devices or IT infrastructure. Uninterrupted service during installation of Culinda protects and preserves confidentiality of patient data, integrity of clinical decision making and continuity of hospital operations.

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How Culinda works...

  • Identify connected
    Medical Devices
  • Categorize
    the Devices
  • Identify
  • Secure their

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