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Healthcare Cyber Security Latest Trends in 2018

The news about cybersecurity threats in the healthcare industry has been emerging for a while. But along with the threats, there are cybersecurity trends emerging too to deal with these dangers.
Here are the top 4 trends in healthcare cybersecurity in 2018.

1. The Attacks Are Going to Be More Intense:
Most of the manufacturers of medical devices don’t consider cybersecurity while designing the devices. Hackers know this fact and use it perfectly to ask for ransomware. In many cases, the healthcare providers have to pay at the end to get the data back.

Up till now, all the attacks come from endpoints which are hard to control by the healthcare providers and require professionals to monitor. Reports say that in the near future, the hackers will ask for ransomware to get lives back by targeting life-supporting medical devices. If they did, the healthcare provider will have to pay immediately to save the life of the patient.

2. Increasing Awareness of the Importance of Cybersecurity Decreases the Threats:
Attackers love healthcare providers who are less organized and have less cybersecurity awareness. Hackers know perfectly what they are doing.
That is why everyone in the healthcare industry must have security training and guidance to minimize their exposure to the attacks.
Also, there must be a clear policy and penalties for any employee who may think of causing any kind of harm or even having bad intentions.

The training must be comprehensive and on regular basis. There are some academic courses that teach the employees the basics of technology; start with them then move to more advanced courses and training.

3. Investing in Healthcare Cybersecurity Is a Trend:
Many healthcare providers think that healthcare cybersecurity is just about protecting the data. We can’t put all the blame on them because cybersecurity companies also claim that they have absolute solutions for any kind of problems. The fact is there are no absolute solutions; it is about how to deal with each problem.
The only way to keep your facility secure is to work with a company that has a clear system in dealing with problems. Cybersecurity is a process combining of people, operations, technologies, updates, and other elements. These elements must work in complete harmony to be able to secure your organization; there is no other way.

Find the best security company that is able to face all the challenges. Cybersecurity has a high level of competition and finding the best company within your budget can be challenging.

4. The Role of Artificial Intelligence:
AI is one of the technologies expected to play a major role in the future of cybersecurity.
The amount of data is huge and it increases significantly and at an alarming rate. This huge amount of data must be stored but our methods in keeping the integrity and confidentiality of the data are not secure enough.

The early results of the use of AI in cybersecurity are promising especially in the time required to respond to the attacks. Imagine if we could stop the attack within just seconds, we will protect the data and prevent the damages and losses.

• The Conclusion:
I guess it is obvious now how essential cybersecurity is for your healthcare facility. Take immediate actions based on these trends.
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