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Medical Device / IoMT  

Security Assessment

Medical Device & IoMT  Cyber Security

Healthcare providers such as hospitals and clinics are utilizing an ever increasing number of  connected medical devices. These devices range from from live remote controlled surgical machines to infusion pumps, MRI machines, x-ray machines, heart monitors, defibulators, and much more. These connected medical devices not only help the delivery of quicker, higher quality care but save lives on a daily basis. However, they have now also come under the radar of hackers and cyber criminals as this maze of interconnected medical devices also creates an attack surface that most healthcare delivery organizations can’t secure, putting sensitive data, operations, and patient safety at risk.

It’s a well-known fact that healthcare organizations forming a maze of interconnected lifesaving biomedical devices with integrations into electronic medical records and ancillary systems have come under the radar of hackers who constantly attack and actively attempt to disrupt patient care and steal patient data.

Culinda provides a range of services that enble healthcre providers to effectively secure all their medical devices and IoMT. Our goal is to make delivering faster, more effeective, higher quality healthcare without the posibility of compromising sensitive medical information or patient’s health and safety, due to cyber attacks, a reality.

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Do you know the security state of all your IoMT ?

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AI-based CyberSecurity

Machine learning capability that continuously analyzes data to

communicate deployed medical IoT risk

Complete Lifespan Solution

Cradle to grave identifying and categorizing medical devices and

establishing remediation action required.

Deep Analytical Analysis

Based on end to end data derived from active, constant


Culinda provides deep insight and the ultimate IoMT security !