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IoT Security Assessment

  • IoT Product Assessment
  • Radio Interface Assessment
  • Ethernet Interface Assessment
  • Hardware Assessment
IoT Product Assessment:
  • Fingerprinting and eco-system mapping
  • Enumeration of eco-system
  • Integration testing
  • Associated IoT device testing
Radio Interface Assessment:
  • RF Spectrum analysis
  • Protocol analysis
  • Replay/Spoofing/sniffing attack
  • Signal Injection
Ethernet Interface Assessment:
  • Loopback Testing and Sniffing
  • Behavior analysis of the attack & non-attack traffic
  • Packet traffic analysis
  • Conformance testing
Hardware Assessment:
  • Firmware analysis
  • Device reverse engineering
  • Eavesdropping attacks
  • Data extraction from Storage Chipset
  • Secure boot testing
  • SSA and FI testing (Attacks)

IoT Security Services

  • Embedded Device Assessment
  • Device Firmware Assessment
  • Radio Communication Analysis
  • Mobile and Web component Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Side Channel and Fault Injection Testing
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