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Culinda Strategic Partners

Culinda has developed strategic alliances with leading technology and industry partners to further enable our customers, enhance security, and ensure patient safety. 

Technology Partners

Industry Partners

Integration & Compatibility

Culinda’s products are designed with integrations in mind. We understand the ecosystem of products in healthcare and work to ensure compatibility with leading technology companies and systems. Enhancing the value of our solution by compatibility and integration with common IT security and management products is embedded in our development. 

Partnering for our Customers

Continually expanding ability to meet our customers unique needs by partnering with leading industry solution providers.  At Culinda, we have the depth of experience in healthcare to understand there are both similar and unique needs that can be best met by offering industry partnerships. Our partnerships help improve the security, manageability, and efficiency of our customer’s.


Interested in becoming a Culinda partner?

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