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Culinda Pulse

Realtime & Agentless!

Gain Visibility and Protect Everything on the Network 


  • IoT real-time Discovery & Inventory
  • Device risk score
  • Device Behavior Analytics
  • IoT threat monitoring, detection, response
  • East-West device traffic & threats
  • IR Response & Investigation
  • Full cycle device risk remediation tracking, governance and compliance
  • IoT Automated Inventory & Cost Analysis
  • Time Cost savings –device location service
  • IoT real-time Discovery & InventoryMake/Model/Manufacturer
  • Tagging; inventory, risk, EOS/EOL lifecycle
  • Geolocation
  • Security event management & response events
  • Risk score and remediation actions
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Lack of Holistic and Continuous IoT Inventory is Costly !


100% Visibility into All Your Inventory

•Inventory blind spot

•Rising location costs

•Rising inventory costs

•Lack of cost management data “In-Home” IoT visibility

•M&A acquisition cost

•Continuous attach/detach

•Rising inventory costs

•No data analytics for what needs to be secured

•No M&A risk visibility

Most Organizations don’t have insight into their :

•True IoT growth

•Medical Device outage from attack

•State of Service recovery

•Care model threat

•True state of IoMT vulnerabilities When Device “Take Over” happens

•Stopping Ransomware

•Preventing Data Breach

•Patching effectiveness

•Preventative maintenance

•Healthcare IoT Radiation dose monitoring


No insight into the ecosystem of all IoT across an organization means being Blind to Cyber Attacks !

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Combining Human Intelligence and AI Provides:

•Real-time and automated discovery
•Analysis based on more IoT data
•Automated real-time risk analysis
•Real-time security event management
•Risk score and remediation actions
•Device Behavior Analytics
•IoT threat monitoring and detection
•Device traffic & threats detection
•Full cycle device risk remediation tracking, governance and compliance