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UDS is a diagnostic communication protocol in the ECU environment, this diagnostic protocol can interact with all the ECUs in a vehicle that is capable of UDS communication. CAN protocol works on first and second layers, UDS works on fifth and Seventh layers of OSI model, Modern vehicles can connect to off-board diagnostics like connecting it to a client.

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On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) ( SAE J1962 ) is a diagnostic system in vehicles for detecting any errors in the car’s network ( includes BCM, engine and other car parts). Maybe you had seen some malfunction indications in our car just like a door lock beep.

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Introduction To CAN

The automobile industry uses many protocols in modernized vehicles with embedded systems and Electronic control units (ECU) which can communicate with each other using protocols like CAN. it was first developed by Bosch in 1986, it was designed for robust communications within the vehicle micro-controllers and devices without the need of any computer. CAN protocol runs over two wires CAN-H and CAN-L.

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World’s First Blockchain Integrated IoMT/IoT Security Product

Culinda, the first company to incorporate IoMT data with blockchain technology, has solved this problem. With the use of their blockchain technology, Culinda is able to provide the consistent and continuous asset information and history.

Medical Device Tracking On Blockchain

Helps secure multi-party collaboration by delivering open, scalable platforms and services that any organization can use to improve shared business processes. culinda will empower and transform companies apply the cutting-edge blockchain technology which helps with greater Trust and Transparency for their customers