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Security Assessment

Telecommunication Cyber Security

At one time, the term “telecommunications” denoted the long-distance connection that linked television networks to their affiliates and the long-distance connections that linked telephone networks to local switching centers.

Telecommunications applied both to network provider’s long-distance telephone network and to the television industry’s worldwide networks—but each used very different technologies to transmit voice or video. Now with the rapid growth of the Internet, telecommunications has expanded to include data networks. The newest technologies in telecommunications are wireless devices and handhelds and wireless data plans.



Our role in this service is to help our client to protect their end users.

  • SS7 – Penetration Testing 2G & 3G signaling
  • Diameter – Penetration Testing 4G signaling
  • Pen-Testing GRX (GPRS Tunneling Protocol)
  • Pen-Testing Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) & Fixed IMS
  • Forensics/Post attack analysis services for telecom operators
  • Air Interface (i.e between ME and Cellular Tower) Assessments
  • IPTV Network Pen-Testing Services
  • FTTH Service testing services